Terms of use


  • The Fclassifieds website is an internet platform where users can publish and respond to classified ads. Users are solely held responsible for the content they submit on Fclassifieds, as well as any consequences that arise from doing so.
  • Before Buying products insured the products as given description. 
  • Don't give money before products check.

The user is not allowed to post content on the Fclassifieds website that breaches this agreement, applicable rights and/or third party rights.
Prohibitions for the Fclassifieds user include:

  • Violating the law or going against the Prohibited Policy
  • Conducting business in a dishonest and/or deceptive manner.
  • Violating the rights of the third party.
  • Spamming, posting chain letters, and placing ads for multi-level marketing ("MLM") and pyramid schemes.
  • Using virus(es) and other technical items that may cause damage to fclassifieds or the interest of the users of fclassifieds.
  • Causing excessive burden on the Fclassifieds infrastructure and the smooth running operations of the Fclassifieds website
  • Copying, duplicating, modifying or distributing the content of other advertisements.
  • Collecting information from other users such as email addresses from the site itself, or from other users without the approval of the user.
  • Bypassing measures that serve to limit and/or prevent access to Fclassifieds.